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Art and Vintage

Privacy Policy in compliance with the 2018 Data Protection Act



We use cookies to make your experience of our website better. Some of these are set by a third party, Google Analytics to help us look at and improve how the website is used. The data we collect will tell us where you are in the world when you have visited our website and which pages you have looked at. We hold no other information about you and will not sell any information or use it for purposes other than to make our website more appealing and monitor which pages are more frequently visited.

Other websites

Our website may contain links to other websites which are not covered by our privacy policy. They may collect data about you which will be outlined in their own privacy policies. 

Other information

We will not store any personal information about you unless you have contacted us directly with an email enquiry, in which case we will have your name and contact email. Should you wish to have these details removed from our records after your correspondence you can state this in your original email. 

If you would like at any time to contact us and request to see the data collected and held about you then you can contact us by written letter at the following address and we will send a written reply.

Art and Vintage

3 Lyne Street 



Changes to our privacy policy

Our privacy policy will be reviewed and updated every three years unless there are changes made to EU policy which need implemented directly.

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