Lunch menu

Soup of the Day 
Always vegetarian and gluten free
Served with bread and butter £4.95/£3.25 takeaway
Gluten free bread available


 served on a seeded roll or baguette with seasonal side salad

Garlic and herb chicken with smoked cheddar and chimichurri salsa  £7.25

Parma ham, Dijon cream cheese and red cabbage and date slaw

Babaganoush, feta and semi-dried tomatoes

Swap the side salad for a cup of soup for an extra £2

Sourdough Toastie

 Smoked cheddar and  portobello mushroom
Smoked cheddar, portobello mushroom and Parma-ham £7.95

Open sausage sandwich

served on toasted sourdough with Dijon cream cheese, red cabbage and date slaw and crispy onions

Veggie mezze plate
Sweet potato falafel, feta, babaganoush, olives, red cabbage and date slaw, seasonal salad and baguette

Our Main of the Day changes regularly, examples include - 

Sri Lankan chicken curry and rice

Moroccan lamb flat bread with tzatziki

Homemade focaccia with pork and herb sausage and apple chutney

Balsamic roasted onion and smoked cheddar tart with salad